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See the date as well as the time in the tray clock in a way you want
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30 November 2007

Editor's review

Time, day & date display on the system tray. Facilities for current and current + next month displays are available. A very extensive set of alarms and reminders and features to manage them are provided.

Pros: Displays time, day and date all the time on the system tray. Current month as well as current + next month calendars can be displayed with facility for browsing. Clock synchronization with atomic clock servers on the web is possible.

Real strength of the application is its reminders and alarms facilities. Once set and when activated it has to be attended to or they get displayed on reboot again. Thus there’s no way one could forget about any alarm set. Since you can set periodicity of these alarms and reminders, there’s no possibility of forgetting any of those important dates such as birthdays, various anniversaries and so on. You have a spreadsheet like view of all alarms and reminders and modifying them is easy too. The alarms and reminders play out with sound effects. You could assign icons from a large list too thus ensuring that they do not get missed.

High priority alarms go right to the middle of the screen for grabbing your attention fast, while the lower priority alarms bloom up near the tray. View the details by clicking on the balloon.

User interface is well designed and fairly easy to use. Alarm and reminder management overview provided is something very useful.

Cons: Did not notice any problems at all.

Overall: Overall grading is better than four stars, I have no hesitation in giving this a 4.5 star rating.

Publisher's description

Show date and more in your tray clock
Find today's date simply looking at the tray clock. Specify what and how to display in the clock, set clock's color, size, font and background. Monitor your computer's performance with CPU and memory load indicators.
1st Clock fully supports Windows Vista and supports both 32 and 64-bit versions of Windows.
Never miss important moments in your life with powerful and reliable alarms and reminders (with unique unobtrusive notifications!)
Set any number of one-time and recurrent alarms with custom messages, sounds, colors, fonts and icons.
When alarm goes off, it displays a balloon notification near the clock for a few seconds. Click the balloon, to open the alarm. Otherwise the alarm will gently blink on your taskbar. High priority alarms display their message straight in the center of the screen.
1st Clock has been specifically designed to properly handle a multitude of alarms. You can browse, search and manage alarms, view their schedule for any period. Transfer alarms between computers using the backup and restore feature.
1st Clock never forgets your alarms. All alarms left unattended will display after the reboot. The Alarm Recycle Bin comes to the rescue if you accidentally delete an important alarm!
Have a super-accurate time reference on your desktop, with extremely precise time synchronization (up to 1/50s accuracy)
Adjust the time with atomic time servers either once or regularly at the specified intervals. 1st Clock queries several servers to improve the reliability and correctness.
You can keep a log for later review, use proxies, and apply a custom offset to the suggested time.
Synchronize time in the entire network, with the 1st Clock time server
View a 1- or 2-months calendar with a single click
Click the clock once to view the calendar. Find the difference between dates in two months view. Use the calendar to review and add alarms.
1st Clock
1st Clock
Version 4.0
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